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February Hackup in Milan

I partecipated to the Milan Hackup last Sunday and worked with Ivan Vaghi of Mikamai and Emanuel Carnevale to rapidly prototype Let’s Go Out, an application that harvests facebook’s events database and suggests nearby events wherever we are. This guy below is me, but actually the star of the video is Ivan which explains the project (in Italian).

The Hackup wiki explains it in English and here’s a working demo. The code is available on github.

Go to this other blog to see what the other guys at the Hackup did with an Arduino board and another facebook application.


4 thoughts on “February Hackup in Milan

  1. I wish they had cut the embarrassing start and me sprouting profanities :-)

    It was a good day and it was cool to see how all our code worked together in the end. The best hackup up to date.

    Really enjoyed working with you and Emanuel, Sir :-)

  2. Emanuel Carnevale says:

    Was a wonderful afternoon and working with you two a great experience.
    I’ll be there next time as well and we should improve our little app now :)

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