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Learning Dojo

I decided to finally give a try to the Dojo toolkit. The documentation looks pretty good at explaining the foundations of the toolkit (the core library, the event and IO systems) but it’s very sparse in documenting the widgets. The best resources I found to far to learn about them are the test pages for the nightly builds. The index is here. The API reference should be linked to there to provide code samples.
For the same reasons the root of the test pages hierarchy is also very precious.

By the way, let me cite one pass of the Dojo wiki, which casts light on a subject of extraordinary importance: “Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks: A geek has a very focused knowledge of a subject (that guy that memorized the language of myst), a nerd is a master at many subjects (that girl you go to when you need homework help), and a dork is just plain socially inept (Napoleon Dynamite).” (the link is mine)


One thought on “Learning Dojo

  1. yassin ashraf askar says:

    hey i want a simple way to learn the dojo just to use it in bad situations thats all what i want nothing more nothing less!!

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