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Is CamelCase gone?

I upgraded from Rails 1.1.2 to 1.1.6 to fix a nasty RoR security bug. That’s easy, sudo gem update rails is all it takes. Unluckily my application stopped working. I had lots of Recognition failed errors. What’s going on? After an hour of investigation I realized that /CamelCasedControllerNames/method don’t work anymore in URLs. They have to be changed to /lower_cased_controller_names/method.

It means that I have to go throught all my application and change URLs in views and the localization files, and perhaps into some models and controllers too. Before doing that I want to be sure that there isn’t some configuration switch that can be used to restore camel casing. I googled for it without luck for a day, but eventually I found the solution. It’s still unclear if this is a temporary patch or it will be included in the next release of Rails. Let’s wait and see.

In the process I found out a couple of useful groups about Rails: Ruby on Rails: talk and the Italian Ruby User Group.


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